Weekly Faves | 01/04/16

Photo by Dolly & Oatmeal


Dying to check out this awesome Indian/Ayurvedic restaurant in NYC called INDAY.

2. Weekend Event:

The No Pants Subway Ride & Dance Party is happening this Sunday, January 10th all over the world. Yes, people will be taking their pants off and riding the subway all in the name of charities so if this is your thang, get more info on the Toronto version HERE.

3. Winter Survival Guide:

If you're not the biggest fan of cold temperatures and lots of hibernation then check out Toronto Life's "Winter Hater's Guide To Loving Winter". I have now added Oakville's new Himalayan Salt Caves onto my winter bucket list!

4. cooking Goals

Black lentil, sweet potato + kale chilli with kabocha biscuits (v+gf) by Dolly & Oatmeal (pictured above). This looks SO GOOD, I can't wait to try out the recipe!! 

5. must watch

THIS VIDEO made by Leon Logothetis as a part of his #GoBeKind Tour had me bawling like a baby. It is beautiful and inspires me to want to give, give, give, and have faith in life and all the hardships that come with it. You can also watch the follow-up video HERE.

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