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Hi!! I’m Talia Chai, and I’m so glad you’re here!

I coach and create nutrition, beauty, skin and lifestyle programs that transform from the inside out. I use my training as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Clean Foods Chef, and Yoga Instructor, to help amazing women like you feel their absolute best.

But let’s be clear about one thing before we go any further: My goal is not perfection. My goal is authenticity.

You’re going to get tons of amazing content on health and wellness here, which I am truly excited about. But this isn't about being perfect, and living a picture-perfect healthy life (which I don’t believe exists). This is about tapping into yourself, trying new things, and being in the moment.

Letting go of this idea of perfection frees us up to live in a much more connected and non-judgemental way. It also frees us up to have way more fun!

While I’d love to pretend I do, I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t eat healthfully 100% of the time. But will getting down on myself when I mess up help in the long run? I’ve been there and I can assure you – the answer is heck no. I’ve learned that it’s way more effective to be KIND to ourselves when we stumble off track…(slash, eat a pint of icecream/ binge-watch episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians/fall into a shame spiral)…yes, that happened.

Here’s the thing. I can give you all the advice, counsel and tools that I have, but no one will ever be able to guide you better than yourself. No one will ever understand your body, your needs, or your lifestyle better than you. You have all the answers, you just need to tune into them. That's what I'm here to help you do.

"My favourite part about working with Talia is her motivating energy and enthusiasm. Her positive attitude made me excited to start my program, and her support along the way helped me stick with it. It's obvious that Talia loves her job - her passion for healthy living is contagious!"

-Mercedes G., Superstar Client

“Beyond being an amazing human with whom you will WANT to talk about your health and body with great candor (she is so open and non-judgmental!)…She has helped me immensely as I bumbled into green smoothies and got me juicing.


-Haley Mcgee, Actress and Playwright

I’ve created the Talia Chai Wellness Blog and free weekly Newsletter to brighten your day, make you laugh, show you something beautiful and present an inspired way of living.

I know that the health and beauty industries can be overwhelming when you’re trying to make the best choices for your body. I hope to filter out all of the crap and only bring you the best when it comes to my three favourite things: Clean Eating, Clean Living and Clean Beauty.

Prefer personalized, one-on-one coaching? If so, check out my Dream Life coaching program which will help you feel amazing, achieve your goals, and live your best life. You’ll love it!

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